Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 29, 2011 - July 1,. 2011 Fall River, Vineyard Haven, Cuttyhunk Island

We were all ready to leave by 10:00am with our son Robert aboard and set off down the Sakonnet River hoping to get to Vineyard Haven before the end of the day to meet up with my brother-in-law, Tink, neice Rosa, and nephew Kenny.  The wind hadn't quite settled in, so we motored down the river, but by the time we reached 3rd beach we were able to pull out the jenny.  With the tide with us, and a nice 10-12 knot breeze on our stern quarter, we skipped along at about 6-7 knots, right up through Buzzards Bay to Woods Hole.  There, too, the current was with us, and we flew through "The Hole".  Once on the Vineyard Sound side, the wind freshened, the tide STILL with us, we hit 8.5 and 8.9 knots making a beeline for Vineyard Haven.  We got there just in time to catch the Lagoon Pond Bridge Tender, and slid through the bascule opening to meet with the Tysors for cocktails and dinner.  Unlike the last time we were in the Lagoon, it was calm and peaceful, no power boats racing in and out, no water skiiers leaving wakes to rock the boat. We spent a peaceful night in the Lagoon, waking up to a gorgeous sunrise.

The wind generator has been producing enough power for us to use the computer, keep the refrigeration running, watching TV (I know we're on a boat, but I do like to watch the news) and even watch a movie the other night (after all, Rob is aboard) all the while keeping the charge in the "green".  In facebook terms - "Like".

We spent the next day in the Vineyard, Black Dog for breakfast, picking up some fresh fish at the Net Result for dinner, and purchasing fudge for my Dad's birthday, July 5.  Robert will take it home with him and deliver it in person.

July 1 - Friday we left Vineyard Haven about 9:30am, passed through Woods Hole, with the tide against us a bit this time, and then back down Buzzards Bay to Cuttyhunk.  No wind, so we had to motor.  Arrived in Cuttyhunk just in time for lunch and an afternoon of watching boats arrive and scramble for moorings and anchor space for the busy weekend ahead.

Missing Mike and Jane  - JAMIKON, Cleve and Lilly, (Can't remember the name of their boat) and FAT BOTTOM GIRLS.  Maybe they'll arrive on Saturday.

Mariah and Bob and dog Cutter arrived mid-afternoon, anchored next to us, and we will spend a good part of this weekend with them.  Looking forward to the famed Cuttyhunk 4th of July parade, a cookout on the beach, and a trip around Cuttyhunk Island in the dinks some early morning.  T

The weather is looking good for the weekend, so I'm sure we'll be using the hammock alot, swimming off the boat alot, and walking the beach looking for seaglass, shells and Cuttyhunk rocks.

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