Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

So, it's been a couple of days since I last "reported" about our travels.  Maybe that's because we haven't traveled anywhere!  We are still in Cuttyhunk.  Yes, still.  We stayed here through the 4th - enjoyed a parade of golf carts all decorated for the holiday, with a fire truck spewing water at the end.  The parade route passed through t the 5 corners twice - so as to make it last 10 minutes instead of the 5 it would have taken otherwise.  Everyone was in high spirits, the day was on the cool side, so we had lunch at Bart's cart, "The best burger in town." (The only burger in town) then went back to the boat for more practice at relaxing and reading and napping.  Rob took the dinghy into the dock to get ice - somehow the engine refused to run for him, he tried to row (can't row a rubber dink no way - no how) and broke the oar and oar lock so had to be towed back to the boat.  He DID get the ice however.  Mission accomplished!  Cocktails and a late dinner aboard with Bob, Mariah and Cutter - we have given use of the space aft of the wheel.  It's known as "Cutterland".  He is getting better about staying there while we enjoy Bob and Mariah's company.

Tuesday after Rob headed back to Newport with Bob and Mariah we postponed our trip to Vineyard Haven because it was such a beautiful day.  After all, we're on vacation - no need to rush off.  So, Tuesday, we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except read, nap, sudoku, crossword puzzles, Angry Birds, oh - I forgot we did some laundry, hung up the flags again to dry and washed down the cockpit.  Tough jobs, I know, but someone has to do them!

We'd just woken up from an afternoon's nap when what to our wondering eyes should appear, but JAMIKON - Mike and Jane O'Neil.  So, of course, an evening of catching up - Mike is still undergoing treatments - they are getting more frequent and more debilitating, but he and Jane managed to get their boat in pristine shape again this winter, and are hoping to get out a few times this summer between treatments.  He looks good - he and Jane are truly an inspiration.

Wednesday - yes it's Wednesday already.  And we fully intended to head to VH today.  BUT it's so foggy at times we can't even see the Ferry Dock.  The list of things we need is getting longer, both sinks are full of dishes, and I wouldn't  mind a shower and a shampoo, but we can boil water to wash dishes, use the sun shower to bathe, and stay another night.  Captain Bruce always has lobsters!!!!!

My questions for today.
1.  Are we contributing to the Cuttyhunk economy?  We anchor (don't pay for dockage or a mooring), we have a solar panel and a wind generator (don't need to run the engine to keep the computer, iPhone, Nook, and TV and stereo working) use a sun shower for hot water, bring most of our food (except fish, lobsters and raw bar, an occasional burger at Bart's and a $4.50 ice cream cone), have cookouts on the beach using firewood gathered from the shore.
2.   Does Cuttyhunk have an economy?

Then there's the couple in the 20 foot Glacier Bay run-about  anchored behind us 2 nights ago.  They have 2 kayaks, left them here all day yesterday to go off snorkeling, came back about 8:00 last night, slept out in the open boat under the stars (and ensuing dampness) to head off this morning to do some more snorkeling. There is no galley, maybe a porta potty, no sleeping arrangements that we could see other than the cockpit of the boat ,and they seemed as happy as clams (of which they probably dug for dinner while snorkeling) as they set off on a new adventure.

So, our adventure for today. Beach combing for sea glass.  I think I'm up to that!

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  1. Love the description of the people behind you! Sounds like something Nancy and Jim would do! What an adventure! Ahhh sunshowers and shaving your legs in the that's summer on Obsession!