Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3, 2011

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  We were joined in Cuttyhunk by our friends on Kestrel (Cleve and daughter Lilly), Fat Bottom Girls (Brianna, Morgan, Jeremy) and then a surprise arrival of Valhalla (Tink, Rosa and Keny) as the day progressed.  Of course, not much to do here in Cuttyhunk, just enjoy the beautiful weather, the beaches, the water, the view, the peace and quiet.  We got a few "household chores" done - sorting out old cleaning stuff, and reorganizing the icebox to add more ice.  David managed to find another chore, but to him a joy, of helping Mariah and Bob work on getting their roller furl jib to unfurl.  Problem still not solved - but they'll work on it more today.  The cookout was, as usual, enjoyable.  After a few mishaps with lighters (why is it they work in the gas ovens and stoves, but not at the campfire) fire was started, and we enjoyed wings and hotdogs and smores.  Two questions:  Why do they pack hotdogs in packages of 10, and rolls in packages of 8?  Our answer - so Cutter can have the extra hotdogs!!!  And question #2 - Why is is that there are always leftover marshmallows and leftover graham crackers but NEVER any leftover Hershey's Chocolate bars?   Answer - ROSA!
I hope to be able to download a picture or two of the campfire.  Just learning how to navigate this site as I write the blog.
Today - more of the same.  I had hoped to circumnavigate the island in the dink, but here it is, 7:00am and NOONE - not David, not Rob, not Mariah, not Bob are up.  So it will have to wait for another day.  By the way, the corkboard bulletin board has been removed - oh dear.  How will we find out what's going on in Cuttyhunk?  I'm sure they will replace it with something.  Stay tuned.

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