Friday, January 19, 2018


Ion 100 days until Splashdown. (May 1, 2018-Hopefully)

Everyday between now and then we will have to do a an activity/chore that’s related to The spring launch of Obsession and our 2018-2019 Sailing Adventure. Cosmo will help me document these activities on FB.

Cosmo is dreaming of warm weather and travels to distant places-just like us.

 Cosmo is dreaming of warmer temps and faraway places-just like us. 

Since November 1, 2017 we have been enjoying life in the condo. Here’s a review of how the condo has lived up to its hype. 


Yes, the pot roast and roast chicken dinners, the soups, the toast, the English muffins, all have contributed to this. and, don’t forget the Reese’s. Oh well, it’s a new year, right? Off to the exercise class I go.

This guy is filled with Reese’s candy hearts. 
All the Christmas Reese’s are gone. 


Well, compared with using solar/battery power and what our single renter used it is high. But, yes, we had piles of laundry to do when we first got here, and I put all dishes and utensils and pots and pans in the dishwasher for a good washing. That electric meter was twirling and whirring for days. Not to mention the oven and stove use for cooking. 

Perrin and David had to fix the dryer-it shorted out, 
tripped the breaker and almost started a fire.

And there was still laundry waiting to be washed and dried. 


The ice maker works just fine. In fact, so good that it is overflowing in the ice bin. We can’t use it fast enough. Wish we could save it for August.  Outside the temperatures were so low that there was a sheet of ice covering the bay too. 

Don’t put this ice in my drinks. 


We have the best showers here at the condo. Not only is the water continuously hot, but we don’t have water savers on our nozzles, so the pressure is strong. I’ll be missing my shower in August.


OK- this could also be because of our age, but we do find ourselves trying to talk to each other when we are in different rooms or even on different floors of the condo. So much space. But it is a good thing. 


Not only is the King size bed comfortable, but we have a beautiful bedroom overlooking the bay and have enjoyed the view - watching the storms, the ice, the sunsets and water traffic has been fun. We do miss the coal ships that used to deliver across the river at least once a week.


Winter isn’t even half over and we’ve experienced snow and ice storms, a blizzard, high winds and frigid temperatures. David is the Treasurer of the condo association and signs the checks for the snow removal company. Worth every expensive penny. We only had to shovel out Perrin’s and our car. (Perrin stayed with us during the blizzard).


Yes, we have lights-on our trees (2), on our wreath, in our windows, on our deck, lighted snowmen, and of course in Drop Creek (Snow Village). I love lights. Some are solar and battery operated, others are electric. I even have one that plugs into a usb outlet. The tree has hundreds (at least 3 strands of 100 lights) and David now has a Cable Car/Trolley that runs through Drop Creek. We started decorating right after Thanksgiving, and although at this writing the trees are down, we still have the snowmen and Drop Creek to enjoy for awhile.


Refer to #10 above. We have also found Blue Apron. So we aren’t eating out as much. The meals are good and easy to prepare. Less pizza, less subway, less burgers. Just good food -yeah, right! That Treadmill is still calling-I think I can hear it. 

And the wine doesn’t help either. 


We hosted Christmas Dinner. No kids table. A great day, a delicious meal and a good time. 

We took a road trip to Williamsburg via Sandy Hook, Cape May and Annapolis over Thanksgiving. We traveled down the Jersey Coastline, crossed Delaware Bay on a Ferry, walked the quaint streets of Annapolis and  stayed overnight in a darling  B&B, wandered around Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed a sunset from our hotel overlooking the beach in Cape May. A preview of next fall’s haunts. 

Sandy Hook Beach. The waves were huge! That’s the Atlantic Ocean off the Jersey Coast. Maybe someone will take a picture of Obsession 

out there next fall. 

Approaching the Delaware Shore aboard the 

Cape May - Lewes Ferry

Walking the streets of Annapolis. Looking forward to being a visiting yachtsman in this quaint city

One of the many wreaths decorating the doors of the houses in Williamsburg

The “streets” of Williamsburg. 

Sunset from our beachfront hotel in Cape May

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade-move over! Fall River is renown for its Children’s Christmas Parade complete with local high school marching bands, and Balloons. It did not disappoint. And to think, it’s only a 5 minute walk up the hill from our condo! 

Frosty was almost decapitated! 

David has already converted the garage into a workshop. It will serve as a temporary sail loft, an engine repair shop, an electronics repair shop, a wood working shop and then finally our moving aboard staging area. We are so lucky to have this protected and warm area so convenient to us. 

As disappointed as we were about having to delay our trip one more year I am reading more and more that this season cruisers are not only experiencing some difficulties due to the hurricanes but also colder weather and windiy conditions. Someone once said this trip is a magical experience. We are looking forward to experiencing that magic this fall and next winter. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017





SOUP-chicken soup, kale soup, minestrone soup, sausage soup, mushroom soup beef barley soup-cuz it smells so good

ROAST CHICKEN DINNERS-mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, squash, green beans, creamed onions AND cranberry sauce-cuz it smells so good

TOAST-(ok-so I COULD have a toaster on board, but it makes a mess and takes up space) . English muffins, raisin bread, bolos, plain old white bread-cuz it smells so good

POT ROAST-my very favorite meal. And it smells soooo good!

A little different from boat food-a lot of seafood and burgers or steak on the grill. 


DISHWASHER-no more dishpan hands or paper plates

Sometimes the dishes pile up in the sink 

waiting for the maid. 

WASHER/DRYER-just 13 steps away. No quarters needed. 

What would we do without these prescription bottles?

8. ICE CUBES-unlimited, with the push of a button

Now, that's an ICE CUBE! 

7. SHOWERS-Hot and long 

The shower on Obsession

6. SPACE-so David and I can be more than 42’ from each other

Main salon of Obsession. We each "own" a side of the table. 

5. KING SIZE BED-that doesn't move

The brochures for the Catalina 42  say it's a queen-I buy double size sheets for it. Just sayin'!

4. SNOW-that gets shoveled/plowed by someone else so we can sit inside by the fire and enjoy it 

The dock during a snowstorm Last year at NHHM 

3. DECORATING-Snow Village here we come!

My favorite Snow Village house. 

2. EXERCISE ROOM-so next summer I can wear a bikini and David can wear a speedo (NOT!)

NO PICTURE! (Maybe next spring)

1. CHRISTMAS DINNER-with family at the condo

We are dockside at Borden Light Marina in Fall River until November 1 when our condo will be ready for us. The decision to cancel our trip wasn't an easy one to make, but we are even more determined to make the ICW trip happen next year. I'll post a blog reporting on the past month’s travels and events later this month and also record our November trip by CAR to the Chesapeake area that we would have traveled this fall on Obsession. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017


I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Nash

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day.

We have spent the last few weeks trying to overcome the obstacles and dark clouds in our way to leave Newport and start our long talked about and dreamed of Retirement Trip down the ICW. Most of you have been on this journey with us. This song pretty much sums up our feelings at this point. 

While the storms have passed, they hace dramatically affected our plans.  Recent reports from Marinas.and other boaters traveling the ICW say that some of the inlets have shoaled over and many areas have yet to recover from last year’s hurricane Matthew never mind the effects of Irma, Jose and Maria.  We worry that the trip may be ”muddied” with hazards and it might be hard to find dock space etc.   

Sunset from the Mainstay Hotel one night while we waited out Jose

Sunset from the Mainstay Hotel where we 
waited for Jose to pass

Our renter will be leaving on November 1.  We (and he) had hoped he would be able to stay on through the winter, but his company is transferring him back to NJ. 

With the weather delay, the uncertainty of a winter rental, coupled with the fact that Obsession could use a good bottom and hull cleaning, we have been thinking that it might be best to wait until next year. We will make our final decision on October 15. We can be ready to go with two days notice, so it's not a done deal…yet. 

I think I can make it now, the pain is gone

All of the bad feelings have disappeared

Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day.

But like the song says-we can see clearly now, we can think it through with less emotion and heartache. Those rainy days and clouds are gone. We are even starting to talk about how we would use/spend our time at home over the winter.

A sunset picture from our condo deck. 

Our time in Newport for the past two weeks was spent preparing for Jose and possibly Maria. We stayed ashore for the worst of the Jose, returning to Obsession to enjoy a beautiful evening of cocktails on the bow. 

The next morning we woke up to fog horns, and an eerie looking harbor. 

We stayed up long after our bedtime to attend Newport After Dark at 41North, another one of those “places to be” events in Newport.  It was a fun night, filled with laughter, good food and interesting people. 

We are still treated to beautiful sunsets, albeit a bit on the early side-before 7pm. As the temperatures drop we pull on our jeans and sweatshirts, hoping that it won't get much colder in the next few weeks. 

No matter what our decision is on October 15 we “can make it now”. “The pain is gone, the bad (and sad) feelings have disappeared” we “see nothing but blue skies” and it will be a “bright, bright sun-shiny day.”

Look all around, there's nothin' but blue skies

Look straight ahead, nothin' but blue skies

Friday, September 22, 2017


Cosmo helps us make a schedule and then revise 

it because of the weather. 

I know, I know, I KNOW!

We were supposed to be on our way Wednesday. But where are we? Sitting in a timeshare in Newport waiting for Jose and Maria to go away. 

Although Jose did not make a direct hit on our coast, it is sitting to the south of us, churning up the waters and delivering high winds along the coastline. And, as we watch the devastation Irma and Maria have brought to our favorite and future cruising grounds we still worry that Maria will take a turn to the west or even stall off the coast like Jose has. 

I have Hurricane Fatigue.  I can only hope that once the sun shines again that my mood will change. 

We were supposed to be provisioning, storing, fueling and smiling. Instead we were removing and stowing all the canvas and cushions down below, turning off all refrigeration and removing all perishables, tying up the sails and lashing down the dinghy and heading to shore with forlorn looks on our faces.

All canvas removed and stowed, cushions down below. 

Mainsail all tied up. 

 Our Time Share points have and continue to serve us well, one night at The Inn on Long Wharf, two nights at Newport Onshore, and maybe one or two more since Jose is lingering off the coast and the forecast is for stronger winds. 

View from Newport Onshore-Obsession is in the middle of the harbor. 

All our laundry is done and Perrin joined us for a few nights. The shower and jacuzzi tub are a special treat along with the king size bed. Add a  toaster and an electric drip coffee maker  to that list and we feel like we are living in luxury. Although we have a water view, we can barely see Obsession as she rides out the weather all alone. 

The Boat Show was a fun and different experience. We only went aboard one boat. We spent our time in the tents, bought new “clicky chairs”, lightweight and super absorbent cotton bamboo towels and we spent considerable time getting advice from fellow ICW cruisers. 

The predicted weather pattern does not give us an opening to leave until the end of the month. Besides putting Obsession back together we will have to re-plan our passage down Long Island Sound, The East River and Jersey Coast. So, we will have another opportunity to watch a Patriots Game, maybe take in a movie or two, and attend Newport After Dark at 41North. 

birthday dinner at Clarke Cooke House

In case you're wondering, yes, we have entertained the idea of hanging it up for this year. Our condo will be empty on Nov. 1 and we worry if all the magical places we've heard about along the ICW will need a winter to recoup from Irma. They were just starting to recover from last year's visit from Matthew. As we approach October, we realize the colder weather and shorter days are also a guarantee. Someone reminded me, we are retired. TIME is what we have. Yes-TIME to wait out these two pesky storms? TIME to wait until next year? Only TIME will tell. 

TANGO -T is for TIME