Sunday, May 6, 2018


She’s in, she floats, the engine runs. 

Obsession was one of the first boats launched and it was a week earlier than we had originally planned. We are cleaning down below and stowing all our stuff. I’m always amazed how we manage to find places for everything. 

Two interesting sightings from a trip to East Greenwich to pick up the Bimini, dodger and enclosure. 

We acvomplish a few chores every day. . Gone are the days when we had only the weekends to do these things, so we  now take our time. We made sure we also took time to enjoy the amenities of our condo right up to the very end.  The fireplace, the cocktails on the deck, the sunsets, the view, etc.

The weather has been so strange this spring. Snow late into April, lots of rain and wind all month, and now...May 1-5, sunny, warm and even downright hot! (90 degrees!) But this day was downright cold down below. Cosmo even found a sweater. 

 We are now in our timeshare in Newport overlooking the harbor and everyday since we’ve been here (Tuesday, May 1) we have seen more boats arriving in the harbor.

 Obsession should be on her mooring in the harbor May 7 or 8. A minor setback for us is having to replace the hot water heater. It should arrive today (Friday)  and David will find his way into impossible places to remove the old one and fit the new one back in. 

Lunch at the Tipsy Seagull is a promise of a summer and our Winter Dream Cruise to come. 

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the  Volvo Ocean Racers. They are speeding up the Atlantic Ocean and the first finishers think they will be here May 8. Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing is our “Home Port” boat with some local RI sailors aboard. They’ve experienced a few mishaps along the way, including a dismasting during leg 7. They limped their way to Itaji, Brazil, re-rigged, and were ready to head home in record time. At this point Vestas is poised to be one of the top finishers.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Just 25 Days? So much to do. Here’s where we stand. 

Our Condo is rented-we move out May 1.

Although we didn’t need a moving truck, our neighbors across the street did. 

Obsession is on the list to be launched the last week of April.. 

Cosmo is relaxing while we do all the work. 

We have a Timeshare in Newport for the first week in May. This is one of our favorite views from our Tieshare at Long Wharf Resort. 

We are going to work the docks for the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover May 8-20

Our Plans for summer activities include:

Independence Day Fireworks

July 2 in Block Island

We will definitely save time for a mudslide or 2...or 3.

July 3 in Bristol 

A quick trip to Bristol last fall between hurricanes was fun and chance to enjoy sailing in our own Narragansett Bay. 

July 4 in Newport 


August 5 Fireworks in Cuttyhunk

Cuttyhunk’s first fireworks fiesta was fantastic! We had front row seats from our boat on anchor in our favorite spot. 

August 18 Fireworks in Oak Bluffs

Definitely we will take a walk around the Campgrounds and enjoy the yearly concert as well. 

(All weather permitting-of course)

We hope to begin our trek South August 21.

 Our winter activities since the end of January included:

 a Patriots AFL Championship Rally in Providence and the send off from Gillette Stadium. 

An overnight in Newport-enjoying the Burger Challenge. 

I really enjoyed being able to do jigsaw puzzles on our big dining room table. This one was Perrin’s favorite!

A fire in he fireplace, watching TV and enjoying the sunset from my chair. 


storm and weather watching became our winter past time. Wind, snow, cold temperatures made the winter a long one. Right into April. The 15 day forecast says we will get more snow Saturday, April 7. ENOUGH MOTHER NATURE!

So we decided to take a break in March on a Cruise Ship Cruise from NYC to the Bahamas, 

The next month will be busy, packing, cleaning, downsizing, moving. 

We are looking forward to the nicer weather, longer days, and being on the boat again. 

Friday, January 19, 2018


Ion 100 days until Splashdown. (May 1, 2018-Hopefully)

Everyday between now and then we will have to do a an activity/chore that’s related to The spring launch of Obsession and our 2018-2019 Sailing Adventure. Cosmo will help me document these activities on FB.

Cosmo is dreaming of warm weather and travels to distant places-just like us.

 Cosmo is dreaming of warmer temps and faraway places-just like us. 

Since November 1, 2017 we have been enjoying life in the condo. Here’s a review of how the condo has lived up to its hype. 


Yes, the pot roast and roast chicken dinners, the soups, the toast, the English muffins, all have contributed to this. and, don’t forget the Reese’s. Oh well, it’s a new year, right? Off to the exercise class I go.

This guy is filled with Reese’s candy hearts. 
All the Christmas Reese’s are gone. 


Well, compared with using solar/battery power and what our single renter used it is high. But, yes, we had piles of laundry to do when we first got here, and I put all dishes and utensils and pots and pans in the dishwasher for a good washing. That electric meter was twirling and whirring for days. Not to mention the oven and stove use for cooking. 

Perrin and David had to fix the dryer-it shorted out, 
tripped the breaker and almost started a fire.

And there was still laundry waiting to be washed and dried. 


The ice maker works just fine. In fact, so good that it is overflowing in the ice bin. We can’t use it fast enough. Wish we could save it for August.  Outside the temperatures were so low that there was a sheet of ice covering the bay too. 

Don’t put this ice in my drinks. 


We have the best showers here at the condo. Not only is the water continuously hot, but we don’t have water savers on our nozzles, so the pressure is strong. I’ll be missing my shower in August.


OK- this could also be because of our age, but we do find ourselves trying to talk to each other when we are in different rooms or even on different floors of the condo. So much space. But it is a good thing. 


Not only is the King size bed comfortable, but we have a beautiful bedroom overlooking the bay and have enjoyed the view - watching the storms, the ice, the sunsets and water traffic has been fun. We do miss the coal ships that used to deliver across the river at least once a week.


Winter isn’t even half over and we’ve experienced snow and ice storms, a blizzard, high winds and frigid temperatures. David is the Treasurer of the condo association and signs the checks for the snow removal company. Worth every expensive penny. We only had to shovel out Perrin’s and our car. (Perrin stayed with us during the blizzard).


Yes, we have lights-on our trees (2), on our wreath, in our windows, on our deck, lighted snowmen, and of course in Drop Creek (Snow Village). I love lights. Some are solar and battery operated, others are electric. I even have one that plugs into a usb outlet. The tree has hundreds (at least 3 strands of 100 lights) and David now has a Cable Car/Trolley that runs through Drop Creek. We started decorating right after Thanksgiving, and although at this writing the trees are down, we still have the snowmen and Drop Creek to enjoy for awhile.


Refer to #10 above. We have also found Blue Apron. So we aren’t eating out as much. The meals are good and easy to prepare. Less pizza, less subway, less burgers. Just good food -yeah, right! That Treadmill is still calling-I think I can hear it. 

And the wine doesn’t help either. 


We hosted Christmas Dinner. No kids table. A great day, a delicious meal and a good time. 

We took a road trip to Williamsburg via Sandy Hook, Cape May and Annapolis over Thanksgiving. We traveled down the Jersey Coastline, crossed Delaware Bay on a Ferry, walked the quaint streets of Annapolis and  stayed overnight in a darling  B&B, wandered around Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed a sunset from our hotel overlooking the beach in Cape May. A preview of next fall’s haunts. 

Sandy Hook Beach. The waves were huge! That’s the Atlantic Ocean off the Jersey Coast. Maybe someone will take a picture of Obsession 

out there next fall. 

Approaching the Delaware Shore aboard the 

Cape May - Lewes Ferry

Walking the streets of Annapolis. Looking forward to being a visiting yachtsman in this quaint city

One of the many wreaths decorating the doors of the houses in Williamsburg

The “streets” of Williamsburg. 

Sunset from our beachfront hotel in Cape May

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade-move over! Fall River is renown for its Children’s Christmas Parade complete with local high school marching bands, and Balloons. It did not disappoint. And to think, it’s only a 5 minute walk up the hill from our condo! 

Frosty was almost decapitated! 

David has already converted the garage into a workshop. It will serve as a temporary sail loft, an engine repair shop, an electronics repair shop, a wood working shop and then finally our moving aboard staging area. We are so lucky to have this protected and warm area so convenient to us. 

As disappointed as we were about having to delay our trip one more year I am reading more and more that this season cruisers are not only experiencing some difficulties due to the hurricanes but also colder weather and windiy conditions. Someone once said this trip is a magical experience. We are looking forward to experiencing that magic this fall and next winter.